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Joint Therapy

There are over 300 joints in the human body.  Arthritis is a degenerative change of the joints that occurs in every human as we age.  At IPS we are able to treat most of the joints in the body with a variety of therapies.

It is important to remember that joint pain can be caused by different problems.  If we suspect that your joint pain is caused by a systemic, or autoimmune disease, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist, such as a rheumatologist.  We work closely with Orthopedic surgeons in the region.  If joint pain is a result of an injury, deformity, or severe degeneration beyond the scope of pain management, we will refer to the orthopedists.

When conservative therapies (exercise/PT, bracing, topicals, oral medications) have proven insufficient for joint pain, IPS will determine the most appropriate interventional option to manage your pain.

Joint Services

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