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Spinal Stenosis is when the spinal canal becomes narrow and creates pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves.  This can cause severe pain and increasing weakness.  It most commonly presents in the neck and low back, and will reflect symptoms into the arms and legs.  When we stand, our vertebrae compress together and the symptoms of stenosis worsen.  Although it most commonly occurs from age-related wear and tear, it can also occur in younger people for various reasons.

Spinal Stenosis is initially treated with physical therapy and injections.  If these therapies are not sufficient, one of the only options is to have spine surgery....UNTIL VERTIFLEX.

The VERTIFLEX procedure involves the insertion of a device between the vertebrae of the low back to improve symptoms of spinal stenosis.  This "space blocking" device allows the spinal canal to remain open when we stand.  After Vertiflex, patients are able to stand up straighter, and walk for longer durations.  This minor outpatient procedure is performed quickly with only a small incision.

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